Ah yes the dog days of summer are upon us. Things move slowly and we can’t wait for the weather to brake.

That’s especially true of the Plantation Palms renovation. It seems that things move slowly when you are waiting for the course to be ready for that first tee shot. We’ll just have to be a bit more patient. Like all good things, sometimes waiting is the hardest part. And to be honest the process is moving slowly — but steadily.

Like any piece of equipment that has been idle for a couple of years, the equipment “renovation” can be a challenge too. Equipment that worked fine a couple of years ago often needs repairs after sitting idle. Sometimes they don’t work at all. That’s what Ace Golf has been facing in the last few weeks. Much of the “infrastructure” has need to be repaired or replaced.

And sometimes there’s unwanted surprises like irrigation systems not working or government agencies moving slowly — very slowly. Waiting for approval for clubhouse expansions and new miniature golf courses can take a lot of time.

But the new greens continue to be worked on, and grass is growing and then being cut — and then growing again — all until it is ready and free of weeds. It’s a longer, more meticulous process than you can imagine. But it all will be worth the wait.

And just to keep us positive and looking forward, here’s a great picture of what the 1st hole will likely look like when it’s “reborn.” Hang in there all! I don’t know about you — but I can’t wait myself.