As we have mentioned one new feature that might be added to Plantation Palms Golf Club is a Miniature Golf Course. Plans are moving ahead on this project and Ace Golf is taking proposals.

One proposal comes from a company called Miniature Golf Solutions out of Ormand Beach, Florida. One example of a course they designed can be seen here on a course they built.

The proposed design is a nature-themed course with three water systems, including waterfalls, streams and ponds with fountains and lots of landscaping.  The course would start outside the pro shop and run between there and the driving range to about the west edge of the parking lot about 100 feet set back from Plantation Palms Blvd.  It has some undulation as high as 4-5 feet above current grade to make it more interesting and to create waterfalls for the streams.

Here’s a look at the rough, preliminary design proposal.

Plantation Palms Miniature Golf Course

Mini Course Design Proposal


Mini Course Example – Marco Golf & Garden, Marco Island

Other Updates

Otherwise the renovation is moving along smoothly but slowly. Course unveiling is looking more like mid to late October.

Here’s some of the latest activities at the course.

  • We are working hard to get broken irrigation working on all parts of the golf course. The prior owners capped off broken lines, so we are having to replace entire irrigation lines and hydraulics on holes #1 and #18.  We also have to replace a second irrigation pump.
  • We have been cleaning up drains throughout the course to open up drainage and avoid flooding issues.
  • We are continuing edging along the cart paths.
  • Mondragen Golf is making progress on rebuilding new greens for the front 9.
  • The restaurant facelift continues with a whole new look. The kitchen floor and ceilings are re-done.  Thank you again Ruben Callas for your help with this.
  • Installation has begun on the new Fire Sprinkler System.