The renovation of Plantation Palms Golf Club is moving along nicely. This is the timeframe when visually, changes to the course are subtle and hard to see. But be sure that fairways are being cut and fertilized regularly and we are waiting for Mother Nature to do the job of growing grass and eliminating weeds. Trust that all is moving along as planned. This is the time when we must all be patient.

I took a ride around the course with Course Manager Kevin Dietsch and we were both impressed with the layout. For Kevin it was his first real view of the course from a golfer’s perspective since the fairways have been cut. For me it was a chance to retrieve memories of the holes that I haven’t been able to play for years. It made us both even more anxious to see the course back to its glory days again.

Plantation Palms #6

Hole 6

The Greens

The greens will begin to be rebuilt beginning next week by Mondragen Golf out of Inverness. The weather has slowed the start a bit but the company that will be doing the rebuilding will begin soon.

It will take some time to get them all the way back. It will require sodding and reshaping the greens back to the original contours of the greens. As you can imagine, this process takes time and is critical for making the greens as good as we all remember them to be. As soon as we have something interesting to show you we will put the pictures up here.

Plantation Palms #2

Hole 2