1st Tee 6/17/16

1st Tee 6/17/16

Here’s some more news from the frontlines of the renovation.

  • Landscaping crews are working today and Monday to completely remove the old small trees, bushes etc from the club house area both front and back. They will also trim all the palms and larger oak trees. This should open up the entire front of the club house. Once irrigation is available they can begin new landscaping.
  • The remaining initial cut on the back nine holes will be completed early this next week.
  • The new maintenance workers will now continually cut and maintain the entire course.
  • Little by little the fringe areas will be cut and those too maintained.
  • There is another Job Fair scheduled on Monday, June 20th at 1PM in the club house. This is for additional maintenance and general laborers. They have been advertising for workers on Craigs List also.
  • Still awaiting on Verizon/Frontier to get Internet and phone service running.
  • Air conditioner work should begin shortly.
  • This week members of the HOA board, FLC and the new PPGC staff toured the golf course property, discussing irrigation, erosion, flooding issues etc.
  • The golf course team has a lot on their plate right now and number one priority is growing grass.

Miniature Golf, Driving Range Lighting and Signage:

There is talk of adding a miniature golf course and lighting the driving range. The feedback from local residents and the HOA for the Plantation Palms community clearly shows that the majority of residents like the idea of a miniature golf course and night lighting of the driving range.

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